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Shipping your trike motorcycle can now be easy. It doesn’t matter where you made the online purchase of the motorcycle. With the many different motorcycle haulers available you can find just about anyone to haul your motorcycle. We are going to look at a couple of very important things for shipping your trike motorcycle.

First when you choose a hauler you should ask your friends or family if they have someone they will recommend to you. Chances are they have someone they are happy with or that they will warn you against.

The cost of shipping the motorcycle should always be a consideration. Some places will charge more, but why? Some of the places charge more because of the containers or shipping methods they use. Others charge more because they want to keep their drivers happy and your motorcycle safe. The best way to ship your bike is by getting three quotes for the same type of shipping. The two outliers in the group should be dismissed and you will keep the middle price. That is more likely to be in line with the actual cost of shipping.

The easiest way for you to ship your bike is called drop to drop. Door to door shipping will pick up in one location and then drop it at another. For example if you buy a trike motorcycle from California and you live in North Carolina you can ask the seller to meet the shippers at their convenience and at their home. The bike will then be put on a trailer or in a crate for shipping. After a few days of driving and the hauler schedule you will be able get your bike on your doorstep.

With this type of shipping the hauler must check the bike for any damage to discount in shipping problems. They will most likely require money up front, at least a partial payment to start the process. The seller will have to verify the damage sheet and that the bike has been picked up.

During the shipping process you might want to have extra insurance on the bike depending on how much it means to you. This insurance will cover any damage or total of the bike that could happen. Accidents do happen so be prepared for them to make shipping a lot easier for you. The insurance can be purchased through the hauler or through your insurance company.

There are other methods for shipping that require the bike to be dropped off at the shippers place, crated and then sent out. In this instance you would have to pick the bike up from their location in your town. This may require a few extra steps. It is however less money than the door to door shipping option. A trike motorcycle may require more room or a larger crate. This can also influence the cost of the shipping over other motorcycles you may have shipped in the past or that friends have shipped.