Motorcycle Trike Kits For Sale: wide selection and low prices, new and used

Trike Kits:

A trike kit is a package of motorcycle parts that allows you to convert a two-wheeled motorcycle into a more sturdy three wheeled motorcycle.  These kits are often found pre-installed on trikes that are for sale on ebay.

Trike Insurance:

Trikes are becoming more popular as gas prices go up.  They use a lot less gas than cars and are thought to be a bit safer and easier to ride than regular two wheeled motorcycles.  Older people who loose their ability to balance are often more comfortable riding a trike than a 2 wheeler.

When insuring a trike, which is required in most states, you need to know a few things:
 The cost of insurance is based on the calculated risk of the vehicle
 The risk calc varies from insurer to insurer and year to year
 If you shop around you will find the best deal
 Make sure you get underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage for a high amount since you may be hit by someone with low insurance and have high medical bills
 Motorcycle riding is much more dangerous than car driving so be prepared to pay more for that coverage than you would for a car

Trike insurance that is available for use with your trike motorcycle include:

 Progressive Trike Insurance
 Foremost Trike Insurance
 ANPAC Trike Insurance
 AARP Trike Insurance
 United Marine Underwriters Trike Insurance

When comparing insurance companies make sure you are getting the same coverage with each quote.  This includes personal injury protection, collision, uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, property damage, personal injury coverage.  The minimums in many states are very low now relative to the cost of medical bills so you may want to buy more than the minimum.  It usually is not that much more per month and it will protect you in case of an accident.  Make sure to include coverage for a rental car since you will probably not be able to ride for awhile after even a small accident.  Also, when you are deciding how much trike insurance to purchase, make sure to protect your assets with property and injury coverage, although the chance of you doing property or injury is less likely than if you are driving a car unless you hit another cycle, bike or pedestrian.

Trikes are insured as either touring editions or city-ready versions.  Special insurance riders for your trike that are available are:
 Replacement Cost Coverage
 Accessory Coverage
 Helmet Collision
 Safety Apparel Coverage
 Travel Loss Reimbursement


Buy a great used trike motorcycle to insure now!