Custom Built Motorcycles : Other 2004 custom built VW trike

Custom Built Motorcycles : Other 2004 custom built VW trike

Price: $4,100.00
Buy It Now: $7,000.00
What is a VW Trike?

A VW Trike is a 3 wheeled motorcycle that has been custom made from a VW car, usually an old VW Beatle.   Often it is an old 60's Bug that still has it's great powerful, easy to work with but has serious body and interior damage. 

These motorcycle trikes are custom made by individuals.  The end result is then inspected by a state official so that it can be driven on public roads.   Most of these trikes are the two wheel in the back version, with one wheel in front.  This kind of trike is more stable than a regular 2 wheeled motorcycle.

Since these VW Trikes are custom made and are not manufactured by the company, they are more difficult to find and are rare.  They also do not have any kind of warranty like you would get with a new Harley trike or other factory made trike motorcycle.

They sell for about $3000 to $6000, depending on condition and quality of customization. 

These trikes often have seats with backs one in front of the other, unlike other 3 wheeled cycles.  They allow to passengers to comfortably sit together without holding on to each other.  They are great for touring and travel and are easy to drive for anyone including the physically handicapped.

The back wheels are also particularly large. This allows for wide firm-gripping tires that make driving smoother and safer.

The engine of the bug is usually exposed in the back for admiration and easy access for tune ups.